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Barbecue, Beer & Moonshine, 8 days a week.

Bullpen Rib House, located right next to Turner Field we serve customers throughout the year with our slow-smoked BBQ meats, cold brews and good old-fashioned hooch.

Mon - Thurs 11am - 10pm, Fri - Sat 11am - 11pm, Sun 12pm - 9pm

Opening Day

With us being right next to Turner Field we are the one and truly only baseball bar in Atlanta. In the restaurant/bar desert around Turner Field, like it or not we're you're only choice if you want to avoid the sky high prices of Turner Field (Mr Wren has to pay for Uggla's contract somehow). That can lead to a pretty big crowds on game-days so here is what do to help speed things up:

  1. Order non-fried food, like barbecue and be warned even though we part fry our wings they still take an additional 15 mins to cook.
  2. Order a bucket of 5 beers and avoid waiting in line again.
  3. On the weekend be on the lookout for a beer tub, which nearly always has a short line.
  4. Pick up a menu when in line and decide what you want before you reach the counter.
  5. There are 2 to 3 registers open on game-days, so lineup in front of each register rather than create one long line, to allow people to get through the door.
  6. Order a local beer - Georgia will thank you!

All our barbecue is slow smoked with hickory and our dry rubs (though technically we use oil in the rubs so they're not really dry). Our pulled pork and chopped chicken are the only barbecue items that come wet (with sauce already mixed in), otherwise the ribs, brisket and bone-in chicken all come served dry with sauce on the side. We also have wings (deep fried) and tenders. The tenders are all breaded and fried in-house, fresh everyday.

On the beer and liquor side; we have a full bar and large selection of bottled beer. We of course have a large selection of local beer (all brewed in Georgia) and in-house infused moonshines like apple pie (it's the legal moonshine, cos we really would like to keep our liquor licence).

I almost forgot the most important thing; have a blast while your here and be sure to shout like hell during the Braves games to let everyone know that Atlanta fans really aren't apathetic!

 Bullpen Rib House, (404) 577-5774, 735 Pollard Blvd SW, Atlanta, 30315.

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